Nail Art : Sailor manicure

In these sunny days coming, I really like to wear light colour polishes. That's why I am sharing with you this coral sailor nail art tutorial.

sailor nail art tutorial, coral, white, blue

So let’s get started !! First, you'll need :

  • a dotting tool
  • a nail striper
  • some tape or masking tape
  • nail polishes : coral, blue and white
sailor nail art tools, dotting tool, nail striper, tape, polishes coral, white and blue

Now that you have everything, you can follow the tutorial :

sailor nail art tutorial

1-  After applying a base coat to protect your nails, paint all of it with the coral polish exept your

     ring finger, which you're going to paint with the white polish


2-  Then, put 2 small pieces of tape (or masking tape) on the tip of the coral nails


3-  Cover the area in between the 2 pieces of tape with the white polish


4-  When the polish is completely dry, take the tape off


5-  To draw the anchor, use the dotting tool dipped into blue polish to draw the dot at the top of

      the nail and then use the nail striper to draw the rest of the anchor


6-  To finish use the dotting tool again to make a smaller white dot into the previous blue one


Now that you're nail art is done, apply a top coat, matte or shinny (I've chosen a matte one) to protect your design.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and I'll see you soon for more nail art tutorials :)

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I'm Gigi, a young girl passionated by nail art. And because I want to share that passion with you, I am doing some nail art tutorials but also DIYs and so much more. And all my tutorial are really easy to recreate :)



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